Big Storm

This past few days have certainly been wet. Feet of snow in the Sierras up the hill, and rain, rain, rain here in the foothills at 1500′. Now there is lightning and thunder. I think that we might just wash down the hill.

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Go Away (to this blog instead)

I’m working much harder on this other blog:

Camera and Pencil in the Mountains

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Waiting for the Contractor

Isn’t it a universal truth that contractors never show up on time. I was surprised when one not only showed up but arrived early! Now that’s nice and very refreshing. This fellow rebuilt my front porch, worked hard and continuously, and never sent me a bill. (I’m sure that bill is on its way though.)

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A couple of Heady Thoughts from others.

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” ~ Sidney J Harris ~

This has been my mantra for years. Life is equally defined by the choices we make and also the roads not taken. 


“Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.” ~ Charles Kuralt ~

I never liked the Interstates, unless I was in a hurry, and then I was on a road where everyone was in a hurry!  I prefer the quiet and interesting U.S. 40, the old Lincoln Highway, and its Nevada incarnation U.S. 50.

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Being Rich

One is never more rich than when one has a new load of hay in the barn.

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QRV here for the first time (actually from two years ago)

So what is this all about? A chance to show off, a chance to brag, a place to unload? Dunno, don’t much care, it’s fun to type.
Me: K7TP a “ham radio nut” as some would say but really a geek for as long as I can remember. Worked in tech industries, television broadcast to be specific. Never great but better than many. Love to diddle with the little parts and make signals into the ether.
Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator, officially; says so on my FCC license. I speak Morse  code (not Morris code you blithering ignoramus) and voice and digital modes. Love to play with homebuilt stuff and low power. I haven’t got much time for the Mastercard and Microphone style of ham operator who has come along in the last few years.
Driving off in to the desert is fun, playing radio in remote places,
witness -:
This is my setup in the wilds of Nevada for the Nevada QSO Party.
This is the home station, a crappy picture I know, but it was a crappy camera.
More later. QRT for now.
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Mr. Beasley P0OCH

Mr.Beasley – My Best Buddy

Ah yes, Mr. Beasley the dog. My wife is justifiably, jealous. He is my best friend and companion. Doesn’t ask for much – just throw a toy from time to time. Sleeps in the bed with us.

Now is this little guy a babe magnet or what!

Sometime he rides on the motorcycle (BMW if you must know) with me. He even has a pair of Doggles(tm) as you might be able to see in the photo.

So what is he? About ten pounds of Maltese/ShiTzu mix. Intelligent as can be, but everyone says that about their dog.

He goes out with me on Saturday mornings to the local bakery where we sit outside and share a bagel. Everyone in town knows him, but of course can’t remember me, “Oh you’re Beasley’s Dad” is what I usually hear.

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